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If you think you can't afford to drive an all electric vehicle, think again. Tesla first launched the Model S back in 2012 and now there is a growing number of cars available by private seller. The inventory is comprised of early adopters who are now upgrading to a larger kWh battery, interested in Autopilot hardware or just looking for a new Tesla with fewer miles. This is your opportunity to make the change to emissions free transportation.

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Sell your Tesla in the highest rated Tesla only marketplace. Your listing will have visibility with like minded individuals with the same belief that we must make the change today to clean energy. Select a plan that best fits your goals.

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View listings posted directly from private Tesla owners. Majority of our sellers are second and third time Tesla owners. They typically sell their cars to upgrade to a larger kWh battery for extended range or for the latest Autopilot hardware and onboard computer.

Tesla owners adore their vehicles so know that you are getting a well kept, always serviced and maintained vehicle.

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Featured Listings 

2017 MODEL X
Excellent Condition
VIN #: 039348 |  9,500 miles


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2015 MODEL S
Good Condition
VIN #: 113933 |  18,700 miles


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2016 MODEL X
Excellent Condition
VIN #: S00881 |  28,000 miles


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2016 MODEL X
Excellent Condition
VIN #: 011936 |  27,121 miles


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